Chemicals And Auxiliaries Of Textile

Chemicals & Auxiliaries

Name of Chemicals & Auxiliaries Type
Alcamine/Sapamine CWS Softener
Eriopon OS Washing off
Univadine DP Brightener
Bluton 2B Brightener
Uvitex BHV (Liquid) Brightener
Uvitex 2-B Brightener
Cibapon/Eriopen R Soaping
Invatex-PC Peroxide Killer
Bio-Kill Peroxide Killer
Invatex-CS Sequestering
A-Powder Stabilizer
Tinofix ECO/FRD Fixing
Sandoclean-PCLF Detergent & Wetting
Avosper-AD Leveling
Ultratex-FMW Silicon Softener
Cibaflow jet Antifoaming agent
Biosuper -HDL Enzyme
Cibafluid-C/NFL Anti-Creasing
Skiantan NW Soaping
Depicol RC-9 Soaping
Sodium Sulphate Glauber Salt
Caustic Soda Alkali
Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching agent/Oxidizing agent
Soda ash Alkali/Fixing agent
Ultratex-FMW Silicon Softener
Sapamine FPG Softener (For White)
Syno White 4BK Brightener
Syno White BYB Brightener
Tinofix ECO/FRD Fixing
Bleaching Powder Oxidizing agent
Hydrose Reducing agent
Glubar Salt Electrolyzing agent
Invatex CS Sequestering agent
Rucogal RLC Leveling
Acetic Acid Neutralizing of alkali
Rucolin JES Anti-Creasing